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Welcome to our digital store on! 
We are a center for early childhood, preschool, and school-age development located in Leipzig, Germany. 
We have just begun the process of preparing our educational materials in digital form for publishing, so they can be used to help children develop key skills in areas such as early childhood development, reading, and mathematics, starting from the age of three. 
In our store, you will find a variety of resources such as multiplication tables, language learning flashcards, educational posters, explanatory videos, downloadable materials, counting lessons, letter recognition, and reading instruction. 
We strive to adapt our materials for quick comprehension without the need for a teacher's involvement. 
Our digital products include interactive exercises, geometry, logic, memory development, colors, shapes, logic puzzles, school subjects, creativity, fine motor skills, developmental games, coloring pages, read-alouds, fun math, writing, and speech development. 
Over time, our store will also offer educational videos, audiobooks, handwriting practice sheets, counting tasks, educational games, geometry, mental arithmetic, reading, attention focus, imagination development, and independence.
The goal of our lessons is to awaken a child's independent desire to learn from an early age. Interest in learning is the foundation for future motivation, enjoyment of completed tasks, and a sense of success. 
Special emphasis is placed on the development of logic, memory, and perseverance in achieving small goals. 
For successful child development in a rapidly evolving world of technology, parents need to ensure regular lessons, exhibit patience, and understand the importance of development-focused activities for their child. 
Our materials will help you create engaging and informative lessons for your child, developing their reading skills, imagination, and mathematical abilities. 
By using our resources, you can provide a well-rounded and harmonious development for your child, preparing them for a successful life in a world of new opportunities and technologies. 
Embrace the role of a mentor and guide in the fascinating world of knowledge with our materials, and your child will be eager to learn, set small goals, and achieve them, developing their abilities and skills.
We invite you to visit our store on and choose the appropriate materials for your child's lessons. 
Together, we can make education interesting, engaging, and fruitful for every young learner! 

Thank you for visiting, and enjoy browsing our store!With love and care.

Your Leipzig Children's Educational Center Team.

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